Ferrari cares about sustainability and values your opinion.

Please, answer the following 5 questions about sustainability and let us know what matters to you.

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Regarding Ferrari’s sustainability commitment, select the 5 most important and the 5 least important topics to you:

  1. Ethical business conduct
  2. Risk management & Compliance
  3. Economic and financial performance
  4. Talent attraction, development and retention
  5. Employee benefits
  6. Employee diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination
  7. Employee health and safety
  8. Work-life balance and employee wellness
  9. Industrial relations
  10. Image and brand reputation
  11. Customer satisfaction
  12. Innovation: technology and design
  13. Quality and safety of products and customers
  14. Supply chain responsible management
  15. Selection and research of innovative and high quality raw materials
  16. Responsible communication and marketing
  17. Production process impacts (energy consumptions, water withdrawal and waste disposal)
  18. Efficient use of resources
  19. Vehicle emissions reduction
  20. Logistic and transport impact and promoting sustainable mobility
  21. Attention to enthusiasts
  22. Relationship with Institutions and Authorities
  23. Relationship with sponsor
  24. Education support
  25. Sport fair play
  26. Local communities